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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 13, 2010, 5:07 PM
Wolfpack Spirit Fan Art Competition – Design a front cover for Rising Star

Our contributor @FFHopeReborn has written a fantastic fan fiction and he is looking for the perfect cover. Which is where we step in. He has asked us to find him that perfect cover. We put our heads together and came up with this competition. We hope we have provided all the information that you will need to enter.

Here are the details of the fiction…


All Twilight characters and an original character. The mains characters are Leah and Gabriel (he's the OC)

Blurb of the story:

One year has passed since the departure of the Volturi, and everything seemingly returned to a normal rhythm in the town of Forks; Leah moved on, studying and working toward her goals. But her life soon changed greater than she ever expected when a new resident with a sad past and powers beyond imagination arrived in Forks. She instantly felt attracted to him; and she found that their role together in the world could be far greater than they ever imagined. Will they be strong enough as one to defeat an old enemy of the Volturi who is back killing every vampire in his wake?

Setting of the story:

The story happens one year after the last chapter of Breaking Dawn, at Forks. It´s an Adventure/Romance with a little angst. It presents a new character called Gabriel. He's a brilliant human with mental gifts who lived his entire life hiding his secret with the help of his parents. After the death of his parents, he moved to Forks, living near the Cullen's'. What he doesn't know is his life is destined to confront a big evil that is coming back after the Volturi thought they were almost extinguished. Leah is still a lonely wolf, but after she left the Sam´s pack, she moved on and began to work and studying, helping Jacob until he'll left Forks with the Cullen's'. She found some peace after she was free from Sam's thoughts. She starts to have weird dreams as soon as Gabriel arrive in Forks, and feels attracted to him even not knowing him.

What we are looking for in the perfect cover:

* Must feature Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) and one other actor not featured in Twilight (you will need to let us know who the actor is), However Manga style is perfectly acceptable
* Must be in fitting with the description and setting of the story
* Must be produced to look like a book cover
* It can be computer generated or done by hand
* Must have the title "Rising Star" featured
* Must have the writers name "FFHopeReborn" and your name on it
* Only one entry per person!

And that's it! Please send all entries to Mel no later than 13th December, the winner will be announced on December 18th. Good luck!


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